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The category includes antifungal agents for oral use, in many pharmaceutical forms, some of which are protected with patents. The brand names included are Mycazole®, Itrazol® and Fungo®. In the same subcategory 2 nail lacquers are included (Mycomycen® & Lakafin®) for the topical treatment of onychomycosis and also a gel containing fluconazole (Dermaspor®) for the treatment of dermatomycosis due to dermatophytes and yeasts.

The same category also includes 2 products for the treatment of acne. Zinfect® is an antimicrobial agent for oral use and Erybenz® is a gel for topica use. The composition of Erybenz® is protected by a patent.

For the symptomatic relief of plaque psoriasis, Verisfield markets 2 products for topical use, Salipsor® & Votrace®. The product Fodier® is a corticosteroid for cutaneous use that is used in psoriasis and also in many skin dosorders that require treatment with a corticosteroid.

Xylocream® is a cream for topical anesthesia. It is used prior to minor procedures and aesthetic procedures (mesotherapy, fillers)

Hy-sil® is a cream for topical use that contains hyaluronic acid and silver sulfadiazine and is indicated for the prevention and treatment of wounds, ulcers and burns.